We have all seen it...the company that has taken a piece of plywood and spray painted their company name and phone number on it. It may work but the customer already has a preconceived notion that they are going to get a cheap or inferior product. If that business owner had spent a little bit more on a professional sign they would not only be able to charge more but also represent their company as being stable and profitable.

Your company and product is reflected by your advertising.

At CE Media we will design your sign to meet your needs and you will be pleasantly surprised at how reasonable it is to get a professional sign done. We believe every sign that comes out of our shop is a direct representation of our company. We will never allow a sign to go out that doesn't meet our standards for high quality signage. If our customers get asked where their signage comes from, we want our customers to be proud to say it's a 
CE Media sign.


CE Media produces all of its signage in house. Our company uses the latest technology to produce the best quality we can. We can produce any size and design you are looking for to best suit your businesses needs. Digital print or vinyl letter signs are available so... Let us help find the right product for you!
The possibilities are endless when it comes to digital signs. We can put a digital print on just about any material. Here are some of the most popular:

  • Coroplast (plastic cardboard) - Great for temporary out door signage
  • Sintra - Hard smooth plastic that is great for indoor wall signs
  • StyreneThin smooth plastic that can be rolled up                 - Indoor use only
  • Aluma Bond - 20 year outdoor product - Made of 2 sheet of aluminum with high density plastic sandwiched in between
**We also print large scale signage for the highway by fitting 4' x 8' sheets together. This makes your sign easy to transport and move if necessary.


We know that Safety is a priority for any business. At CE Media, we have standard safety signs or can customize anything to work with your company...even if you just want to add your logo. Safety signage is available in any size and can be printed just as a decal or mounted on Aluma-bond, Aluminum, Sintra, Styrene or Coroplast. Let us help you with your safe work environment!


When you need custom temporary outdoor signage, for elections or promotions this is the way to go. We can digitally print or cut vinyl to mount on Coroplast. Available in double or single sided. Metal stakes (or plastic if preferred) are included for easy installation and removal in the ground.

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